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Madrid escolta

Driving home for Christmas was always exciting. I had left home eight years ago, first to attend College and then to work. Moscow escort I majored in Finance and had a job that I loved for a large international investment company.
This Christmas was especially exciting because my girlfriend of almost two years, whom I loved dearly, would be there and I planned to propose to her at Christmas dinner.
My mind drifted as I drove. I remembered the first time I saw Catherine as a woman. We had gone to school together but it wasn't until our graduation night that I realised how beautiful she was.
  Escort MoscowShe was a statuesque 6' tall, with a muscular body thanks to all the volleyball she played. Her C cup breasts looked small on her but were perfect.
This night she was dressed in a floor length, red gown that was fitted across the top. Strapless, it suited her and she looked stunning. Her long, dark hair cascaded over one shoulder. She almost looked like Jessica Rabbit apart from the hair colour. Dressed up she oozed sensuality.
It seemed to me that she was just realising her own sexuality too and she was easing into the role.
I didn't think I had a chance but at the after-party I asked her to dance. She accepted and we were virtually inseparable from that moment on. She had a wicked sense of humour and I was able to make her laugh. She seemed to know instinctively that the cool people were just obnoxious, as I did. We steered clear from them all night and had a ball together.
 Our first night of making love was especially good. It was the first anniversary of our first date. We went out for dinner at the best restaurant in town. Catherine had a few drinks and was really amorous. She couldn't leave me alone in the car on the way home. When we arrived at her place she mentioned that her parents were away. I went in with her and we kissed passionately just inside the front door.
She led me to her bedroom where she quickly took the lead. She unbuttoned my shirt and undid my pants. She pushed me onto my back on her bed and climbed on top of me. She freed my cock from my underwear and lifted her dress to her waist. She then pushed her panties aside and mounted me. She was really wet and moaned loudly as my length penetrated her hot pussy.
 She controlled the pace. I came quickly, before she did. She reached down to her clit and rubbed. Soon she was cumming, with my cock still hard inside her. After she came she rolled off me and lay on her back next to me. I nuzzled her neck and played with her tits.
She sat up and undid her dress. She wasn't wearing a bra. She lifted her bum and took the dress and knickers off. I mounted her and we made slow, passionate love. Before too long I was ready to cum again. Again, I came before she did.
I kissed her and she rolled me off her. She closed her eyes and was asleep almost immediately. I went home, euphoric. We'd finally slept together

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